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Sunday was spent at San Simeon with Mr. McCoughern of the Board of Underwriters and their chief engineer. They advise very strongly, even with the present supply in sight, to install the new pipe fro...

Julia Morgan   1923-09-11  
While at supper Saturday at the tip end of the Refectory table, I felt seasick and looking up saw the silver lamps in the Patio Hall slowly swinging over a considerable arc. There was no jolt, but th...

Julia Morgan   1927-11-07  
As I telegraphed you I am highly delighted with he color sketches and general plans of the road approaches from San Simeon to the hill top. If we can get vistas like those indicated in the sketches i...

William Randolph Hearst   1923-02-02  
Yesterday I had a treat seeing those magnificent new tapestries. I am wondering if they are to go in the refectory. I have ordered rollers for them as they are badly creased. And the stained glass is...

Julia Morgan   1924-03-20  
I received the topographical map with the location of the cottages. They are located exactly right according to my best judgement without being on the ground. So far as location is concerned, please ...

Hearst, William Randolph   1920-01-07   New York, New York
I think it is about time that we had systematic lighting of the buildings and grounds. We have had a haphazard one entirely, due to the unfinished condition of things. I have gone over the situation ...

William Randolph Hearst   1927-09-17   Los Angeles, California
Julia Morgan notifies Mr. Hearst of the impending arrival of his car, as well as the progress on the construction of houses A, B, and C

Julia Morgan   1920-05-07  
- Van der Loo is working on the models for the ceiling of the living room of A. The painted friezes are up in the lobbies of A and B, and the painters are finishing the decorations and doors B and wor...

Julia Morgan   1921-04-08  
William Randolph Hearst proposes more plants and trees for the property, and discusses plan for statues and figures he is sending West

William Randolph Hearst   1921-02-12   New York, New York
In comparing our place here with the Italian villas I find that the main advantage the Italian Villas have over us are in the matter of wide terraces. Our walks and terraces are generally narrow and ...

William Randolph Hearst   1925-08-14   Los Angeles, California
Julia Morgan discusses the future or the interiors of the guest houses, and the wages and lodging of the workers

Julia Morgan   1920-05-19  
William Randolph Hearst describes his plans for the road, Houses A, B, and C, and the impending arrival of a car filled with his recent purchases

William Randolph Hearst   1921-02-07  
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William Randolph Hearst goes into an extensive description of his plans for the use and transport of water on the hill.

William Randolph Hearst   1921-05-11   New York, New York
Julia Morgan   1896-10-04   Paris