Letter from William Randolph Hearst to Julia Morgan, January 5, 1922

William Randolph Hearst   1922-01-05   New York, New York

(Letterhead: New York American) January 5, 1922. Dear Miss Morgan: I would like to begin designing the little English house that is to stand ont he north side of the patio facing West and from the position to overlook House B. I think it should be of imitation stone so as not to be too violently different from the other houses. If we made it half-timbered, it might be too different. I do not know that this is so; I would like your views on it. I suggest that we make this house to contain a kitchen, pantry, dining room and complete equipment, so that if we ever go to the Hill Top and do not want to open the whole proposition but desire only to occupy one house for a comparatively short period, we would be able to use this house in that way. I think the best location for this English house would be the one I mention and it is possible it should be a two-story house-- at any rate, certainly two stories in front. It is just possible that the location of such a house, with the complete dining room, kitchen, etc., should be elsewhere-- maybe on the south side below the tea garden-- but I do not think so-- because on that side we will have the bath house in Moorish style and I think the English house would look out of place in immediate contrast with it. The Elizabethan stone English house, being English renaissance, would not be so violently different from the Spanish renaissance houses, however. There would be different roofs and different detail of decoration, different windows, too, of course-- because in England at that period there was still a considerable survival of Gothic feeling. But still, I think on the whole the architecture would harmonize fairly well with the Spanish renaissance houses. Therefore, I thought of this position. Do you want to make some ground plans and we can both be hunting for some old pictures of that period from which to make the elevations. I will buy some panelling and fireplaces, etc., for the interiors as soon as I know about what sizes and shapes the rooms are going to be, and the locations of the windows. I think we should begin a long time ahead because it will take a good while to get everything right and then to get the interiors. Sincerely yours, s/ W R Hearst

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