Letter from Robert Grehs to Julia Morgan, February 12, 1938

Robert Grehs   1938-02-12   Vienna

ROBERT H. GREHS KUNSTHISTORIKER Wien VII., Neustiftgasse 9 Vienna 18th February 1938 Miss Julia Morgan Architect ll55 Merchants Exchange San Francisco Dear Madam: I have received a letter from Frank P. Dow Co. the forwarding agents in San Francisco with the news that the Gothic doors which Mr. Bartel brought here in Vienna were marked out by the custom authorities as being not antique and therefor were at my disposal. Further I was informed that you, as the agent of Mr. Hearst, refuse to accept the doors in spite of repeated invitations to do so. I shall herewith do my best to explain the whole matter to you. Mr. Bartel had a thorough inspection of the doors in question and bought them at the price of lOOOO.- austrian shillings after long discussions in regard to the price from Castle Greifenstein near the Danube, where they were originally built some centuries ago, perhaps at the time before America was discovered. (It was wrong to do so.) Mr. Bartel himself took them over in the store rooms of the forwarding agent Herr Bauml here in Vienna with the obligation on his part of paying the above mentioned sum within four weeks time only under the promise that these obligation should be carried out in due time, did I give the consent to send the doors to America. From these explanation you will able to understand the nature of my claim. Mr. Bartel has bought the doors after repeated and thorough inspection by himself and also by the expert on antiquities Dr. Ruprecht, the eXpert of the Dorotheum. Mr. Bartel also has promised direct payment. After all this Mr. Bartel is responsible for the obligations he undertook and I intend to fight for my right with all the means possible. Since more than a year I have been waiting for my money and have been put off again and again but am not willing to wait any longer. It does in no way concern me if the American custom authorities have the intention of selling the doors by auction as I have nothing to do either with them or with Mr. Hearst. I have sold the doors to Mr. Bartel and shall know what to do in order to get my money. As soon as he enters Austria he will not be able to leave her again before settling accounts with me. When you or your firm keeps agents in Europe, which are well know as experts, these agents are responsible for the transactions they make for you. In my case Mr. Bartel is responsible for everything. As the correspondence I had with him was of no result I shall employ more drastic means in order to get my money. I am not at all interested, what is going to happen to the doors in America, as Mr. Bartel has taken over the consignment with the obligation of paying in due time. If there have been any objections in regard to thegenuineness of the antiquity of the doors they ought to have made in Austria before dismantling out of the walls in the castle. The view of the american custom authorities in regard to the genuineness of the antiquity of the doors seems to go too far. They seem to regard antiquities only then genuine, when the dust of centuries still stick to them. Anyhow should this be the case it ought to have been known to your agents and they should make the purchases a coordingly. I hope to have given you all the explanations necessary and remain faithfully Yours ROBGRT GREHS COPY

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