Letter from Julia Morgan to William Randolph Hearst, October 17, 1932

Julia Morgan   1932-10-17  

October 17, 1932 Dear Mr. Hearst: George is grading steadily the animal hill space but had a setback on account of the shovel giving out and worked on getting trees ready to move while awaiting parts. There are newly advanced garage and animal quarter plans for your eye, not sent you as it is hardly possible any building can be done before your return, and the plans may be affected by Mr. Bistany's report to you. We expect a copy of this today. The Roman Pool is having the most attention these days - the mosaic material arrived for the ceiling and base (none of this material in our original layout and orders) and is being very rapidly mounted, using an extra crew of men. George Loorz has been pouring the concrete stairway on the East entrance side and the cork people are covering the ceiling of the dressing room on this side. Gyorgy has all but one of his men working on the ceiling of the main pool, and by the end of this week the rough floor over the shallow pool will be taken up and the setting of ladders and the cleanup will begin. There is a lot to do, and in another two weeks the painters' crews will just have to be increased. The work on billiard room and south duplexes is lagging as it is not possible to push all parts of the work equally, and indoor work can go on in the inevitable rainy days, - unless you wish some other solution. The pergola is showing up wonderfully, this work going steadily on and showing a definite amount done each week. You certainly have "the longest pergola in captivity" - and I'm wondering about the disposal of the crops. The new West Terrace boxing and steel work is progressing well, equal to quite a building really. The sense of space is fine. As always, Yours truly,

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