Letter from Julia Morgan to William Randolph Hearst, March 17, 1921

Julia Morgan   1921-03-17  

March 17, 1921 Mr. William Randolph Hearst 137 Riverside Drive New York, N.Y. Dear Mr. Hearst: The sketches and suggestions for the lower terrace of C should have been acknowledged before. I have been studying over them, and have changed the levels at foot of lower flight so as to allow the landing you wish without destroying the curve. This involved no tearing out, only lowering the upper fountain grade. The question of statuary usable in the sketch makes me think perhaps simply bringing forward a low wall would be enough deviation, given good color planting. The sets of wide steps seem to kill the scale of the little semi-circle. I am looking forward with interest to seeing the big Mohammedan jar. The reason I am not enthusiastic about the "Rising Sun" is a question as to whether it will count enough from across the way and whether its strictly modern feeling would be in key. I have an idea something more on the type of the enclosed illustration cur from your book would be in better character and have more charm. (I will paste the page back in the book on its return). Your sociable animals have invaded the seed beds, carefully covered with wire and cheese cloth to keep off the large assortment of birds, so the value of a wall is already practically demonstrated, The first lot of plants made mo impression at all on the landscape, but those going down by the chartered boat are as large as could be had after having all the nurseries around combed over, and I hope will show. Things like hollyhocks, bluebells, larkspur, etc. will go down already growing from last year in flat boxes and be planted out in April. I am not forgetting your suggestions for developing between the upper and lower paths informally, but I am not attempting these for the moment. The model for House B is well along and will send two interchangeable parts for lower part, one with pergola and one with wall and gate. Sincerely Yours,

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