Letter from Julia Morgan to William Randolph Hearst, March 14, 1921

Julia Morgan   1921-03-16  

March 14, 1921 Mr. William Randolph Hearst 137 Riverside Drive New York, N.Y. Dear Mr. Hearst: Saturday night on my return from San Simeon I wrote you a note in regard to the tile for the main room of House C, samples of which we expressed. The finished ones would be finer and more even in texture. If we are not to use them in the large room of House C will you telegraph me so that I may have them colored suitable for use in the lower terrace of C, as the biscuit is tamped and ready for color. It was more or less of a relief to receive back the C drawing with your comments this morning, as while it seemed the solution of a knotty problem, it was everything else that you stated marginally. In House B all the scaffoldings are down and the painters are working undercoating the walls and decorations. There is needed from your treasures something to use as lambrequin in the "Mona Lisa Lady" motif. Enclosed is one of the old drawings showing the idea. I had taken up full size drawings for the new over mantel, "Greco" motif, for the main room,and was disappointed in the effect, which leads to a new idea. Would you approve of using the tabernacle (photograph enclosed) with side panels copied,a s an over-mantel piece? I tried it up there and imagining large candelabra either side, concluded it would be quite fine. All the rooms have a good scale, singly and together. The marble columns are being repaired and House C is temporarily quiet. House A has a band of painters working on both lobby and bed room ceilings. Van der Loo has everything modeled for the lobby. I am sending down the carved columns from Pleasanton and the motif for the seat ends so that these may be out of the way by the time we are sure of the ceiling. The weather has been against outdoor work, - lovely

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