Letter from William Randolph Hearst to Julia Morgan, March 7, 1921

William Randolph Hearst   1921-03-07   New York, New York

(Letterhead: New York American) March 7, 1921. Dear Miss Morgan: At the end of our construction it will be necessary to carry the lower wall all around the hill, for the very practical object of keeping out the cows; otherwise these sociable animals will eat up our planting. I think the construction of this wall, however, will have its decorative value also. There can be gates in it for the roads to pass through and there can be the pergolas placed upon it wherever they will be decorative. They will always be useful as a support for grape vines and flowering vines and they should enclose a very attractive walk around the wall. I think the pergolas should be wide enough to be of value in these respects. 2. I do not know from your letter whether the Rising Sun is the best thing to use in the center of the pool below House C or not. I understand that it can be used and that you do not oppose its use, but I do not like to order it unless you feel it is the best treatment we could give to that pool. Again, I do not know whether the figure is big enough to be effective in that location. 3. You have a rude, prehistoric sketch from me on some suggested terracing below B. This will relieve you of the necessity of doing much planting on this rocky and unfavorable soil. the plants on the terraces can be grown in pots. 4. I am looking forward to seeing the little model of House A. The house looks greatly improved in the photographs. It will never be as graceful as C or perhaps as B, but it should have a comparatively rugged character of its own, and those rear terraces, if decorated with the right kinds of pots and plants and climbing bourgonvilla vines, with some good-sized palms on each side, should be very attractive. The entrance court of A is the prettiest of the lot, and I think it would be well to have the potence duplicated, as I have not been able to find a pair of lanterns at recent sales. 5. Will you let me know about what time should I come to California so that I can make my preparations in advance? It seems now as if I would better not come until about the first of May. By that time the interiors should certainly be completed and the planting largely completed also. 6. The Galatea that you could not find should be at the hacienda. It was sent there many years ago along with a statue by Gerome, which latter I would like to place in the recess in the lower or Byzantine story of A. The Galatea I think should be used out of doors, as the main decoration of the pool in the central plaza. 7. I will get another car off soon. I am sending them to San Francisco as I do not want to clog up the storage facilities at the ranch; and I think it best to send the things down on the steamer as we need them. I suppose we can arrange to have extreme care taken in the steamer transportation and in the loading and unloading. 8. Will you please have them hurry work on the houses and ground so that by the first of May at the latest they will be ready for habitation. Sincerely, s/ W R Hearst

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