Letter from Julia Morgan to William Randolph Hearst, January 24, 1921

Julia Morgan   1921-01-24  

January 24, 1921 Mr. William Randolph Hearst 137 Riverside Drive New York, N.Y. Dear Mr. Hearst: Enclosed are studies for bed rooms of A, using originals, plus motifs enclosed. Would you think it well to reproduce the potence (enclosed) to make a pair of either side of the door in Court A. They would be a little large, but decorative. The Los Angeles iron worker could do it. I had planned to go down tonight, taking a good working gardener to prepare the beds, but San Simeon reports a heavy storm on. There is a lot of work to do getting proper soil up and in. I would like to send you a little model of each house with the planting around, but spoiled "C" model in the effort to show the planting in detail and have had to have it recast. I will try photographing the model from different viewpoints and coloring the prints. If you find this helpful, we can do the other houses, starting the actual planting on "C" first. I you find any sample vases or jars that could be reproduced here, it would save time. As regards your telegram, "What definite sum shall we add to percentage to make satisfactory compensation for your work" - the actual cash deficit over the 6% commission to December 1st is $1780.00. If this made up it will cover the costs of your work through the office to that date. If the loss had been caused by the architectural work itself, I would not have spoken about it, but it is due to the expense of "running the job" as it were. Yours very truly,

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