Correspondence from William Hearst to Mr. Joy, July 18, 1927

William Hearst   1927-07-18   Los Angeles, California

(Letterhead: Los Angeles Examiner, Broadway at Eleventh, Metropolitan 4000) July 18, 1927 MEMORANDUM FROM MR. W.R. HEARST TO MR. JOY (COPY TO MR. C.C. ROSSI) Please finish tennis courts etc. as soon as possible. Please start work on new wall next Monday the TWENTY FIFTH. Please finish wall and walks by the first of November if possible -- SURELY BY DECEMBER FIRST. Please complete servants' wing of patio by November first if possible -- SURELY BY DECEMBER FIRST. Please continue with the facing of the building in stone and try to have that finished by December first. I hope this will include the east facade. I will lay off all work from December first to April first excepting interior finishing etcetera. I would like to have the columns from Italy and all such work here on the ranch by April first so we can complete pool etcetera by July 1st. [Sketch on back of above Letter] Filed under '1927G' , wit .a; , ‘ w .4 m» IVIW - kiwi.» 4.3:» I , ._ - :flu his" ¢ v .r.‘-».r {Wyn w. “.7

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