Letter from C. C. Rossi to Julia Morgan, January 18, 1927

C. C. Rossi   1927-01-18   San Simeon, California

(Letterhead: C.C. Rossi, Supt., Hearst Camp, San Simeon, San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. Jan. 18, 1927. Dear Miss Morgan:- We hereby transcribe Mr. Willicombe's letter of December 13th 1926. "Dear Mr. Rossi: Confirming telephone message today, Chief said: The fireplace in my room at the ranch is very greatly improved, but I think if it were a little bit deeper it would be better still; and if Mr. Rossi can make it a foot deeper before he closes it up, I would like to have him do it." "Then ask Mr. Rossi to take down the one on the other side, where Mrs. Hearst's room is and do the same with that; and of course the fireplaces below in the other roomswill receive the same kind of treatment." "Then take up the fireplaces in House C. They are not satisfactory either. They will have to be takendown in the same way." "The one in the living room will have to be made deeper-- and made so it will not smoke--possibly the flue will have to be changed." "And the fireplaces in the bedrooms of this house will have to have their flues changed, as they are too small." "After this is attended to, Mr. Rossi should take up House B. I want only fireplaces in the houses that are useful and I want them all made so that they can have a fire and give out heat not smoke." "It will take a good deal of trouble, but it is worth doing." I have reported to Mr. Hearst that you will get after the above early in January, as you are pretty well crowded just now. He was pleased to hear that thw work was progressing as planned. Keep it up. Sincerely, J. Willicombe Very truly yours, s/ CC Rossi [handwritten note from Rossi] I don't know whether Mr. Joy took a copy of this or not. Rec'd Jan 19

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