Copy of a Telegram from Julia Morgan to William Randolph Hearst, April 13, 1926

Julia Morgan   1926-04-13  

Mr. William Randolph Hearst, New York American, New York, N.Y. BYNE CEILING BEAMS WOULD ALL HAVE TO GO BELOW PRESENT CONCRETE BEAMS WHICH MEANS ELIMINATION OF PRESENT CLOISTER TREATMENT OF UPPER WALLS AT BOTH ENDS AND SIDES OF ROOM. IT CAN BE ADJUSTED EASILY TO FIT ROOM & CERTAINLY IS HANDSOME. THE RUIZ CEILING WOULD HAVE THE ADVANTAGE OF NOT DISTURBING PRESENT WALL TREATMENT, IT WOULD TAKE TIME TO PUT UP BECAUSE HUNDREDS OF PARTS ARE LOOSE IN BOXES WITH NO IDENTIFICATION MARKS. JULIA MORGANByne ceiling beams would all have to go below present concrete beams which would mean Elimination of present cloister treatment of upper walls at both ends and sides of room. It can be adjusted easily certainly is handsome. The Ruiz ceiling would have the advantage of not disturbing present wall treatment. It would take time to put up because hundreds of parts are loose in boxes with no identification marks

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