Letter from Julia Morgan to William Randolph Hearst, March 30, 1923

Julia Morgan   1923-03-30   San Francisco, California

March 30, 1923 Mr. William Randolph Hearst, 137 Riverside Drive, New York, New York. Dear Mr. Hearst: Mr. Joy has not arrived yet, as he stopped to visit on the way, but the letter you annoted has come, and I will get out the revised structural drawings with as little delay as possible. We have put in an active planting season, although the trees are too small in comparison with the landscape to show much. We will hope the deer, mealy bugs, grasshoppers and quail do not get them in their youth -- The quail have multiplied into hundreds and treat the garden as a barnyard. Have you any documents on ‘How to Make Quail respecters of Seeds and Tender Plants"? By today's mail am sending a new perspective toward Houses B and C, from Chinese Hill. It is a study chiefly of the wall line and planting from the laurels of the Temple group toward the garage. It seems necessary to carry the planting along the foot of the white wall all the way -- What would you think? The drawing was difficult to do and does not express the character of the buildings. Perhaps it will serve its purpose. I also in separate packet send a Chinese Hill study. This is perhaps more formal than you wish, but the less formal studies had a Japanese expression they perhaps would not have in reality on account of the difference of detail -- I have a fine new Chinese architecture book with numerous plans and have been surprised at the "Beaux Arts" -ness of the layouts. The low roadside wall is started -- and the citrus area is being plowed to receive the young trees. It will take the work of all hands for a couple of weeks yet as the lack of predicted rain is becoming serious and it is necessary to push the citrus planting through now instead of doing it gradually along into May or June as originally schemed. Not to do it, would be the loss of this year's growth. Yours very truly, JM-deM

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