Letter from Julia Morgan to William Randolph Hearst, February 5,1923

Julia Morgan   1923-02-05  

February 5, 1923. Mr. William Randolph Hearst, 137 Riverside Drive, New York, New York. Dear Mr. Hearst: On old work there are a few items left undone. (A) the four poster bed for your room ( with separate bed under the canopy) has greenish curtains and greenish-yellow-effect spread. It looked so badly in your room, I tried the gold bed, using at the top the red valance taken from Mrs.Hearst's windows, house B. Wile the bed needs to be cut down about a foot either below the mattress or at the very top of the posts, it looks well and tones both with its surroundings an din vista. May I leave it for your inspection? (B) The sarcophagus in the court seems too large for either B or A courts. Could it not be used as a central wall motif on the tea terrace of the main building? If it is kept in A's court, would you consider moving up the lady from the shelter of the rose garden trees to replace the Graces? -- she would be of the same color and blend better with eh sarcophagus. (C) The bookcase doors in your room are painted in a plain way and do not look unfinished. If you are willing, would like you to see the room as it is before deciding on the treatment of these panels, easily applied at any time. The wood is ready for the figures of sitting room finals, but the carvers were dropped sometime ago from the pay roll to reduce expenses. (D) The sun on the glass replacing the summer screens is so hot it blisters the doors badly. In C I had to have the glass removed. The old iron grille you agreed would be fine to use here and reproduce for the second door, proved to be too large for the opening. Would you want new grille doors designed? (E) The railing on the landing at the top of the circular stair of C looks very well. A repetition of like design on the loggia would be very effective. -- In the meantime for safety a plain rail is in place. (F) Nothing has been done to either of the lower side terraces of A, except setting up without morar the children group fountain on one side and a small fish fountain and basin on the other, to take off the unfinished air. The tile is on hand but not set until you decide the final effect. Yours very truly, JM-deM

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