Making Research Fun...

Here at Castle Computing, we're making research, specifically the construction of Hearst Castle, a fun, interactive experience. In this site, you will find a collection of letters and other forms of communication between revered architect Julia Morgan and media tycoon William Randolph Hearst from the construction of Hearst Castle.

Who's Julia Morgan?

Glad you asked. Julia Morgan was the first licensed female architect in California, and built many amazing projects including Hearst Castle. To learn more about Julia Morgan or the collection, visit Kennedy Library's Julia Morgan Biography.

Who are we?

We are computer engineering and software engineering students at Cal Poly, making this website for our capstone project under guidance from Professor Foaad Khosmood. A capstone project is a group project which computer engineering students complete for a client during their third year, prior to senior project. Our client for this project is Zach Vowell, digital archivist at the Kennedy Library.

Joey Wilson

Joey plays saxophone.

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Luca builds satellites.

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Ethan does theatre.

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Sam's laptop got stolen.